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MC~Visa~Discover Cards accepted via PayPal.  Or Checks by mail.

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Postage, Shipping and Returns.

We ship world wide.  Generally most items weight 2 pounds or less. 
 So we ship them by flat rates.
We ship using the US Post Office, all parcels are tracked via

Our Rates:

INSIDE USA:  Media Mail (4th class, printed matter)  $4.75
(Least expensive but also the slowest service, delivers in 2-6 weeks)

INSIDE USA:   First Class Mail and Priority  $7.50
(Fast service, delivers in 3-14 days)

INSIDE USA:   Express Mail Next Day Service  $47.50
(Fastest service, delivers in 1-3 days)

INTERNATIONAL:   First Class Mail  $12.00 to $35.00 by weight.
(Fast service, delivers in 2-4 weeks)

INTERNATIONAL:   Priority Mail - Flat Rate  $38.
(Fast service, delivers in 2-4 weeks)

INTERNATIONAL:   Express Mail International $58.00.
(Fastest service, delivers in 3 to 14 days.)

*** Extra POSTAGE will be required on heavier items.

** We will ship by FedEx using your own account.  We charge $15 to drive the parcel to FedEX receiving location.

Yes we accept returns.  We want you to be happy with your order.

We have a 14 day return policy. 
You must return the book or item within 14 days of receiving it.  We track all parcels, so we have records of when your parcel
was received.  It must be the same exact book or item that we shipped to you.  It must be returned in the same condition. After 14 days we consider
that "use of the book" or "use of the item", and thus returns are then accepted under certain conditions after the 14 days has passed, as in a restocking fee,
or other discount off the original price of the book or item. 

After the 14 days, but within 30 days we will continue to accept returns, however,
we do not accept returns after 30 days of receiving the book or item.  Return postage is paid by you they buyer. 

In certain circumstances, where we've made a mistake, we do offer full refunds and will also pay to have the book or item
shipped back to us.  We do want you to be happy with your order. We also understand, when buying online you don't
know exactly what you've ordered until you are holding it in your hands.   

We accept returns for any reason.  You don't even have to give one, simply email us to
request to return your order.   Simple, fast, professional within 14 days.

We must receive the book or item back before any refunds are issued.

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